Panui 2023

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AGM  was held at Waikotikoti Marae on Saturday 5th November 2022.

Trainee Trustee Policy


To introduce selected owners to the role of Trustee on Te Whaiti Nui A Toi Trust to:


Candidates must:



The Trustees may call for candidate’s nominations or appoint Trainee Trustees from time to time for a number of Trainee Trustee positions, as the Trustees shall determine.  The acceptance of any candidate is at the sole discretion of the Trustees, whose decision shall be final. The Trustees may determine a selection process as they see fit, request references and make whatever enquiries about the candidate, as they consider necessary.

Term of Appointment

The term of appointment of each Trainee Trustee shall be for a term of 2 years.  The Trustees do not undertake that any such appointment will be extended but may at their discretion renew or extend such term as they see fit.  The Trustees reserve the right to terminate the appointment at any time.


The Trainee Trustee will:

Remuneration and Expenses

The Trainee Trustee is not an employee of the Trust but: 


Trainee Trustees will, at the expiry of their term receive a written acknowledgement of the role they have performed but the Trustees are under no obligation to provide any further references or information to or on behalf of the Trainee Trustee or to any other person. 

Trainee Application

Applications are currently closed.